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Cat’S Choice Bentonite Granules Clumping Cat Litter 10 Kg-Lavender

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  • The material is like natural sand of brown color which satisfies cat’s instincts.
  • Its fast absorbing, makes strong clumps, anti-bacterial and long lasting.
  • A 5kg may last up to five weeks.
  • The scent of Lavender will bring the peace and tranquility to your home.
  • You will feel bliss and joy and enjoy new facets of lavender aroma.
  • Made with the finest quality material in the world
  • Offers a highly absorbent litter with flat clumping properties for easy litter tray maintenance
  • With antibacterial properties for the health and hygiene of your cat
  • Incredibly low priced, for a long lasting, effective and economical litter
  • Naturally dried in sunlight, completely free from chemicals for a 100% natural litter
  • Dust free formulation
  • Greyish brown in color, with a pleasant lavender fragrance
  • Provides natural odor neutralizing properties, killing litter tray odors with ease
  • Robust, eco-friendly packaging caring for our planet
  • Undergoes rigorous testing and quality control to ensure quality consistency in every bag
  • Suitable for all cats

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