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Pakeway Free Cabin Litter Box-45.9x54.9x49.2Cm (Mixed Colors)

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Fully detachable splicing design, It is easy to open and use with double door folding.

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SIZE : 45.9x54.9x49.2 Cm

According to the cat's living habits, it simulates the wild environment of cats. It adopts environmentally safe materials. Fully detachable splicing design, It is easy to open and use with double door folding. The access control can change the behaviour of cats. Cats of all ages can use it. The sand pedal effectively prevents cat litter from being carried out. The brown ABS engineering resin transparent door blocks the light and creates a weak light environment for cats more privacy and security. Elegant and clean colour matching, intimate details, the overall shape is simple and smooth, in line with the young people's minimalist taste.

The product is made of high-quality environmental protection PP resin, non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly and safe; Side-side and top double door design, suitable for all ages of cats to use, can accompany a lifetime, do not need frequent replacement; The whole body can be disassembled and washed, Not easy to accumulate dirt, not easy to breed bacteria.


  • Made for those that aspire to be comfortably different, the Tom Cat Pakeway Free Cabin Litter Box features a unique dual-door design that serves as double-entry points for your little ones to visit their personal bathroom.
  • With a one-way traffic design, active kitties can enjoy easy entry from the front entrance and indulge in light fun and exercise when they exit via the top – which is thoughtfully paved with grated steps to prevent litter tracking.
  • Aside from an activated carbon filter by the side to absorb foul odours, the double doors to this comfy hideaway litter box can also be completely folded open for easy clean-ups.
  • Made from durable, high-quality, easy to clean plastic


  • Size:
    L 45.9 x W 54.9 x H 49.2cm
  • Material: Engineering Plastics

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